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Design & Build

Design and Build Center

for Architects, Contractors, and Designers

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Welcome to the Connext Post and Beam Design and Build Center!

Here you will find an array of resources to fulfill the needs of our growing community of architects, contractors, and designers who use our system.  Please take advantage of our products engineering specifications, various building and design resources and full access to our product data library, including downloadable files for use in AutoCAD.


The specifications of our standard connectors have been individually digitized in the .pdf and .dxf file format for use in design software. Enter the library to search for the data you need. Custom files are available upon request.


Our connector specifications are made available for use by engineering firms, architects, contractors and designers. Please see Foot Note #2 on Page 3, advising that these specs apply to all standard 6x and 8x connectors. Click to download these specifications.



Have plans, but need help putting it all together? View our tooling demos, then let us know how we can help.


We use GRK's screws exclusively. This rugged structural screw is made of specially hardened steel to provide high tensile, torque and shear strength. GRK RSSscrews are included with connectors and we have GRK Caliburn™ concrete screws available to purchase when you are attaching to foundations. 


One of the many advantages of aluminum is rust-resistance, which coupled with our anodization process makes using our T-REX connectors post to base very successful. Many of our customers drill our connectors directly into concrete or stone with GRK Caliburn Concrete screws, but we do offer several options to protect against excessive moisture:

  • Set a cut-to-fit 1” black HDPE Riser between connector and base.

  • Place a cut-to-fit 1” Riser on either side of knife plate for a recessed look.

  • Slide a 8”x10” or 8”x12” connector into a 10” or 12” Riser for larger posts.

  • Apply a thin piece of Peel ’n Stick adhesive between the connector and the base.

  • Paint the bottom of the beam with AnchorSeal or similar sealant.


Need the plans for a structure? Browse our library of available building plans!


Over the past few years, we've developed a list of partners for customers to reference when building a post and beam structure. If you'd like to join the list, simply use the button below and we'll be in touch!


In addition to our standard T-REX connectors, we also make custom connectors for your unique requirements. The most common customization is for actual size (for instance, 7”x7” or 8”x24”) and diagonal connectors with a custom angle (for example, 6” x 14” with a 33.89 degree angle). 

To date we have created over 70 different custom connectors to help meet our customers needs.  We also offer custom designs for post to base, and you can see options available in our Post to Base section above. 

Our objective is to meet your needs.  You can expect a slight up-charge for customization, and fulfilling the order requires an approximate 2-4 week lead time.  We can answer your questions about a custom connector in reference to your project, so call us any time!

Further questions? Feel free to contact us!