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By Contractors...


We would love to promote and give a reference to anyone! Your T-REX connectors created so many options in building true square timber/round pole barn combinations. The connectors are the most aesthetically pleasing on the market, and the complete T-REX System makes the timber framing task simple and professional.
— Larry Brantley, The Barn at Cottonwood Ranch wedding venue
I just used some T-Rex brackets for the first time on a Arbor/Pergola to give them a try. The T-Rex system is soooo much easier than other things I have tried in the past, an added plus...the customer was very impressed with the innovative product. 

— Bray Custom Carpentry - 
Thank you!!! The building is beautiful; I am hiring a professional photograper to shoot it soon.
— Joseph E. Nix, Nix Construction - Hilton Head, NC
I can’t say enough about how simple using your connectors made my project. I don’t think I could have personally gotten it done if I had to cut the mortise and tenon joints in the time I had. I LOVE the look of the unfinished aluminum against the white oak
— Todd Drury, TR Building & Remodeling Inc. - New Canaan, CT
I made a playhouse for my daughter with T-REX!
— John Picard, Architect - Atherton, CA


 "Superb, thank you so much for the speedy reply.  This is exactly the information needed."

                                                                                                            Sigi Koto, Down to Earth Design - Pennsylvania  

This is my second barn using T-REX. There is a great market out there for your connectors!
— Mike Moore, Woodstructures - Branchville, NJ
There is nothing like it out there, and the average person can afford it.
— Jim Jones, JCP Designs - Ft. Worth, TX
Pete, your system is phenomenal! We started construction the day our frame arrived – first day was spent laying out the beams and figuring out how it went together. Second day spent assembling the structure. In TWO DAYS the frame was up. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for all your help.
— Gerald Furey, Cinemax Production Manager - Brooklyn, NY
The T-REX Tooling System is working out fabulously!
— Tony Convay, Convay Construction & Design - Sebringville, Ontario

By Customers...

"This started as a dream over a year ago and with the T-REX System from Connecticut Post and Beam, it's become a reality.  Spent hours scouring internet, visiting and speaking with builders; mostly I found pre-fab kits that were expensive and did not have the look and feel I wanted.  Found many mortise and tenon kits that I loved but were very expensive to have made and then shipped.  Traditional pole buildings were plentiful as were post and beam done with big steel plates bolting everything together, but also not what I was looking for!  

Then I discovered the T-REX system, along with plans for the very barn I wanted!  It gave me best of both worlds:  the look and feel of mortise/tenon joinery, and affordability.  With Dad and my youngest boy, I flew to Connecticut and visited with Pete, the creator and co-owner.  Pete, along with his good friend Dennis, gave us a tour of their shop and all the tools developed to work with system.  They were very helpful and gave us some much needed advise on how to get started.  I was sold, went home and ordered everything I needed.  Best decision I made, and through it all Pete has only been a phone call away.  Laurie and Pete provide excellent support and services.  Most importantly, anyone can do this!  My Dad, two sons (ages 12 and 17) and I fabricated and raised the building ourselves.

 If you can dream it, the T-Rex system can make it happen."

Mark Bartlett - Texas


"I'm so happy with this [T-REX Rotary Table] tool!!!  I tried it out and think it's absolutely great - thank you so much. I look forward to dealing with you guys more in the near future. Great job!!!

Ivan Herbert - Ontario


"If you ever want to use us for a reference or want someone to see our barn, you're more than welcome!!!"

Scott Scroftcheck - Pennsylvania

"We received the first UPS shipment and all was intact and the product, as expected, is top notch."

                                                                                                                                  Doug Quist - Alaska


                "Thank you for our beautiful barn!  It has exceeded my expectations so much that I am almost speechless!"

                                                                                                                                                                   Rose - Connecticut


"I did enjoy your professionally presented videos that make your connectors the obvious choice for post and beam construction, particularly with seasoned, kiln-dried or glulam lumber."    Gavin McFadyean - UK                                                                                  
The connectors worked great and everyone who stops by to look at them is really impressed. I have had several people ask if I would build them a house using your connectors. I tell them that using your system it is easy enough to build themselves and to give you a call
— Nathaniel Endicott - Alaska
We couldn’t be happier about the barn. Your love for what you do really comes through in the final product.
— Deborah Mozelak - Connecticut
Thank for the quick reply! The engineering specs are exactly what I need. The product will work and I’ve already specified your connectors for the project. Additionally, I want to add that it means a lot when a vendor replies as quickly and as usefully as you have. Seriously, it rarely happens. Products aside, that alone makes me want to give you guys our business. Thanks again!
— Wes Borden - Kentucky
We had no experience and yet I think that with your tools and hardware we have built a beauty of a barn using our not-so-perfect home grown posts and beams
— John O. Jones - Oklahoma
My Rotary Cutting Table is working out great!
— Bill Rhude - Tennessee